LISTEN: Jennifer Discusses America’s Culture of Death

Congressman Cummings calls the investigation into governments attacks on conservative Christian groups un-American while voting for the funding of the genocide of black Americans? Could this be a microcosm of the spiritual condition of the hearts of those who choose to fund the killing of babies and support euthanasia for children? Beyond that, there's a thought floating around the pro-choice camp to see bortion clinics in churches, shopping malls and high schools. How far will this cloud of death be allowed to progress? I discuss these and other issues regarding the spiritual state of American on Chosen Generation Radio.

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Sexual Abuse in the Church Needs to Stop!

I’m so absolutely grieved! So tired of reading about sexual abuse scandals in the church. Beyond all the pedophilia in the Catholic Church, there are plenty of Protestant sexual scandals making headlines. The sexual abuse in the church needs to stop!

The latest allegation comes against Jesus People USA in Chicago. A 90-minute documentary film, No Place to Call Home, puts the allegations on the big screen. The Chicago Tribune reports that Heather Kool, 38, has filed a lawsuit saying she was abused in the 1980s by members of Jesus People USA.

For all the high-profile cases, there are many smaller instances that we never hear about. In February, a man was indicted for sexually abusing a 6-year-old girl in a Mountain View church bathroom in Anchorage, Alaska. Also in February, a Maryland man was charged with sexually abusing a 15-year-old girl when he served as a deacon at Grace Apostolic Church.

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Steve Hill, a Good and Faithful Servant

How do you write the obituary of a man who so changed the way you look at true revival forever? That was my unwelcome task on Monday, when I learned evangelist Steve Hill went on to glory after a long fight with melanoma.

I got the news through a text message at 3 a.m. I retired early after not sleeping much the previous night due to my coverage of Ulf Ekman’s conversion to Roman Catholicism out of Sweden. Yes, I got the news through a text message—and then a flood of email and Facebook messages—when I woke up at 3 a.m. Of course, I could not go back to sleep.

I’ll always remember the first time I actually spoke to Steve Hill. I had written about him in June 2011, when his staff called for 48 hours of prayer. He was on the brink of death. But death’s grip wasn’t strong enough to hold him. It wasn’t his time. He defied death, hell and the grave.

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4 More Things to Do When You Feel Misunderstood

Feeling misunderstood? As I shared in my last column, it seems I’ve been misunderstood my whole life. That’s why I had to find ways to deal with those negative emotions and the reactions they spark in my soul.

Last week, we talked about four reasons for misunderstandings and two ways to deal with it. Now let’s talk about four more tools for the misunderstood: 1) cry it out, 2) forgive, 3) confront the misunderstanding, and 4) trust God. I'll also offer you 6 ways to get your mind off the misunderstanding. Are you ready?

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Drive-In Churches: Brilliant Evangelism or Gospel Compromise?

Growing up, I loved drive-in movies. There was something adventurous about sitting on top of the car and eating popcorn while Luke Skywalker battled Darth Vader.

Retro drive-ins are back en vogue in some cities, even as newfangled drive-in churches are also emerging in others. No, I’m not talking about drive-through prayer services that offer petitions on the go. I’m talking about full-blown drive-in churches where cars park on the lawn of the church.

Could this be the answer to church decline? A way to woo the lost to church? Or is it just another gimmick that’s distracting from the gospel? Are we focused too much on making churchgoers comfortable? Or should we do whatever it takes—even offering a drive-in church—to keep attendance up?

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WATCH: Is Religion to Blame?

On the Zo Williams Show, prophetic voice Jennifer LeClaire combats the antichrist theory that Jesus is to blame for the problems among African-Americans in a hostile radio interview.

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Are Drive-Thru Abortions Coming to a Church Near You?

Beyond an XXL Grilled Stuft Burrito Steak at Taco Bell or a classic Big Mac, you can get just about anything via drive-thru these days. There’s drive-thru dry-cleaning services, drive-thru prayer ministries—and even drive-thru funeral homes.

Are drive-thru abortions next?

If Lori Brown, who explores the topic in her new book, Contested Spaces: Abortion Clinics, Women’s Shelters and Hospitals, has her way, drive-thru abortions may soon be a reality in a city near you—or even in your local church. Never mind the safety risks; she’s advocating for abortion clinics at churches, shopping malls, high schools and military bases, for starters.

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LISTEN: Jennifer Discusses Mainstreaming of Bestiality, Government Taking Kids From Parents

On Chosen Generation Radio last week, we discussed the state taking a child from their parents, such as the case of Justina Pelletier, and what God says about parental authority. And did you know that with the redefinition of marriage there is now a movement to mainstream bestiality? This is Romans Chapter 1 playing out before our eyes.

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What to Do When You Feel Misunderstood

It seems I’ve been misunderstood my whole life. I was an extremely shy kid, but some thought I was just a snob. Fast forward a few years, and I embraced blue hair, black clothing—and more misunderstanding. As a prophetic voice, I’m attacked, maligned and otherwise misunderstood on a weekly basis.

Whether you’re operating in full-time ministry or full-time motherhood, maybe you can relate. Nobody likes to be misunderstood. Indeed, it can be downright discouraging to be doing your utmost for His highest and have your own family, friends and brothers and sisters in Christ judge your message and your motives.

So, what causes these misunderstandings and what can we do to help avoid them—or clear them up after they occur? There are at least four reasons for potentially messy misunderstandings we need to understand before we can move on to how to handle ourselves when we are misunderstood.

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