Beware Presumptuous Prophetic Pirates Who Parrot and Plagiarize Words

I’ve witnessed for many years a troubling trend in the prophetic movement—a trend that is proliferating among pontificating voices who parrot true prophets. Essentially, there’s a lot of plagiarism in the prophetic.

This, mind you, is hardly a new trend. Jehovah God pointed it out thousands of years ago in Jeremiah 23:30:

“‘Therefore,’ declares the LORD, ‘I am against the prophets who steal from one another words supposedly from me’” (NIV). The New Living Translation puts it this way: “‘Therefore,” says the Lord, ‘I am against these prophets who steal messages from each other and claim they are from me’” (NLT). The Holman Christian Standard Bible offers this spin: “‘Therefore, take note! I am against the prophets’--the LORD's declaration--’who steal My words from each other.’”

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Exposing Spiritual Abuse and Toxic Church Leadership

In this season of exposure, I'm tackling spiritual abuse. Could you be a victim?

Victims of abusive church authority structures may not even realize what they are enduring until they escape its grip. Spiritual abuse is often subtle. Christian cult leaders don’t always operate like Jim Jones. Controlling ministries tend to hide behind the guise of spiritual coverings. And far too many outsiders are not willing to even question the messages and practices of such churches. It takes lovers of truth with spiritual discernment to recognize the sometimes-subtle signs of abusive churches. And it takes courage to confront it.

What exactly is spiritual abuse? Jeff VanVonderen, co-author of the classic book The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse, explains it this way: “Spiritual abuse occurs when someone in a position of spiritual authority … misuses that authority placing themselves over God’s people to control, coerce or manipulate them for seemingly godly purposes which are really their own.”

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Jennifer LeClaire Prophesies 17 Days Pressing Into the Holy of Holies for Victory

God is inviting you to get on your face before Him and press into the Holy of Holies for the next 17 days unto deliverance and overcoming victory. That was the word of the Lord in my Mornings With the Holy Spirit prayer broadcast on Dec. 6.

Indeed, the Lord broke through heavy resistance to a revelation of His glory to issue a challenge to His bride. Before we…

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Feeling Oppressed? It May be an Intercessory Prayer Burden

Feeling oppressed? Emotions going haywire? Pain your body? It may not be you. It may be an intercessory prayer burden. You need to learn how to distinguish between your emotions and the Lord's emotions for people and other people's emotions that require intercession. The same is true for cities.  

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