A Prophetic Word for France in the Midst of a Terror Wave

ISIS has taken responsibility for the shootout in Paris that killed a police officer and wounded two others. The attacker ambushed three police offers in the terrorist attack.

This morning I heard the Lord say, “The enemy has marked France for destruction because of its spiritual heritage. If My intercessors will rise up and build a spiritual wall around the nation—raise up impenetrable borders around the country through repentance and praise—I myself will raise up a standard that will stem the tide of this onslaught. I myself will rise up and cause France’s enemies to be scattered. I myself will empower the politicians and police with strategies to eradicate terrorists from the land and thwart future attacks. I myself will do it. So begin to pray now with greater fervor because lives are at stake, economies are at stake, and your spiritual heritage is at stake. Begin to cooperate now with My grace and My agenda and My plan for your nation and I myself will fight with you and for you.”

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Who’s Your Elijah?

It’s important to discern who the Lord may be sending in your path to help you release your prophetic voice.

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Prophesying Into the Next Level

I prophesy a next level for you. For some of you, there's a relationship. It's poisoning you, and you know it. There's a soul tie there. You need to break that in Jesus’ Name. Father, I thank You this morning. I thank You this morning. I thank You this morning for what You are doing in Jesus’ Name.

There's a next…

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Spiritual Warfare: Deliverance From Unworthiness and Religious Spirits

There are some people on this broadcast, and you just feel like you’ve been going around in circles, and circles and circles. You’ve almost begun to question God. (“Why is it so hard? Why won’t You help me? Why are you allowing this?”).

There are people under the sound of my voice, and you don’t feel worthy.…

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Prophecy: The Door, the Handle and the Turning Keys

I feel that the Lord wants to turn the written word into a Rhema word. If you will just get into the word...if you’ll just meditate upon it...the Lord will begin to speak to your heart. Not only will the Scriptures come alive, but He will begin to speak to you about other things, even mysteries, even problems, even things in your life that you…

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