I believe in prophetic ministry with every fiber of my being, but we all know the prophetic movement has seen its successes and failures. With an end times army of prophets and prophetic people rising up according to Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17-20, it’s more important than ever that we equip the saints for the work of prophetic ministry.

Enter Ignite.

Ignite is a prophetic network birthed out of an encounter with the Lord that set a fire in my heart to raise up a generation of prophets and prophetic people who flow accurately, operate in integrity, and pursue God passionately. I am laboring to cultivate a family of apostolic and prophetic voices and companies of prophets in the nations who can edify, comfort and exhort each other as we contend for pure fire in the next great move of God. My vision for Ignite covers the spiritual, educational, relational and accountability needs of five-fold ministers and intercessory prayer leadrers, including:

  • Providing teaching and impartation opportunities of relevant present truth in the prophetic ministry;
  • Facilitating relationships among apostolic and prophetic believers who are of like precious faith;
  • Encouraging emerging apostolic, prophetic and intercessory prayer ministries of every culture and nation;
  • Hosting apostolic and prophetic roundtables with seasoned voices;
  • Serving as a resource for Spirit-inspired materials;
  • Commissioning and publicly recognizing emerging five-fold ministries God is raising up; and
  • Offering alignment, counsel, accountability and apostolic oversight to five-fold ministries.

If you're ready to join, scroll down. Or keep reading for more information.


After discussing some grievous issues in modern prophetic ministry with two leaders in the body of Christ, I felt a strong burden to pray. Because I was on print deadlines for Charisma magazine, where I serve as editor, I politely suggested to the Lord it would be more convenient to pray later. (Oh c’mon… don’t act like you’ve never done that!)

Holy Spirit would not release me from the intercessory prayer burden. So I got down on my knees to pray, planning to press in for about five minutes and pick up where I left off after the printer deadlines were met.

Or so I thought.

That five-minute prayer lasted over an hour and morphed into travail that left me on the hardwood floors of my condo weeping, sweating, and groaning in the spirit. I was lying in a puddle of my own tears as the Lord showed me the state of some camps in the modern-day prophetic movement and gave me a glimpse as to how the enemy wanted to pollute them with various forms of idolatry and immorality, deceive them with extra-biblical extremes, and tempt them to eat from Jezebel’s table and ignite strange fire.

When the Lord showed me the next five years are vital for the prophetic movement, I was overwhelmed. What could I possibly do to change this? I am just one person and God is raising up multiplied thousands of prophetic voices in the years ahead. I know I can’t fix it all—but I can do my part.

After much counsel, deliberation and prayer, I launched my School of the Prophets, which offers prophetic training to all believers, in September 2016. Now, I’m launching the Ignite network for prophets and prophetic people. Again, I know I can’t solve all the issues in prophetic ministry, nor am I called to. But I can be faithful to do my part. I believe if we’re all faithful to do what God has called us to do, we can see a healthier, stronger prophetic voice in the nations.


In the course of the next week, the Lord spoke two very clear prophetic words to my heart. The first is more of a course correction word. The second is especially encouraging to those who are pressing into to purity—people like you. Please take a moment to read them both.

First Prophecy: A Purifying Fire Is Coming

A purifying fire is coming to the prophetic ministry—a baptism of fire is coming for those who will embrace it and let My fire do its perfect work. Those who resist the fire will be sidelined in the next season. Those who embrace My fire will be led into new realms of prophetic revelation and new levels of accuracy in the Spirit.


Those who understand the purifying work of My fire—the work of My fire to judge sin in your heart and refine you—will enter in willingly. They will walk into the fire freely, knowing that they are coming closer to My heart in the process.


I am bringing My fire to the church. Embrace my fire. Don’t resist my purifying work in your heart. I have great things stored up for you in the days ahead, but the path is for those holy hearts to walk on.

Second Prophecy: I’m About to Ignite the Prophets

I'm about to ignite the prophets. Many have ignored the prophetic voices in this hour but I'm about to set them on fire so the world can watch them burn with the message that's on My heart. Many have forsaken My prophetic voices in the season but I'm about to raise them up in an undeniable way so that all can see that I have a voice, and I have a say, and I have a plan, and I have a purpose for My people and for this nation in the season.


So embrace My fire now as I pour it out upon you and understand that I am doing a new thing in the prophetic ministry. Some of the old ways are no longer working because they were seasonal. The new way will be fire, fire, fire. The new way will be intimacy with Me that demonstrates and manifests My love in the midst of the hard days.


I will give you hard words but they will be laced with fire and they will burn through the opposition. Some will still oppose you, yes, but many will begin to hear because as they see and they sense what is happening in the world they will need verbiage and words to understand and describe what it is they are coming into.


The prophets and prophetic voices in the land will not only give heed to what I'm saying but they will express it with clarity. They will sound the alarm. They will blow the trumpet. They will understand what is on My mind and what is on My heart because they have spent time in My counsel. I am bringing them out of the wilderness places even now and I am setting them on a watch tower and I am setting them in a military formation to go forth and lead an army of prophetic saints into the battlefield to overtake the wicked one in Jesus name.


Maybe you feel disconnected from other prophetic people and have been searching for a community of like-minded people. Maybe you need equipping, training and counsel from more seasoned prophetic voices. Maybe you are looking for accountability and alignment with me. Maybe you want to be part of the solution.

IGNITE offers benefits I’ve not discovered in other prophetic networks:

  • Formal alignment and commissioning opportunities (email for more info on this possibility)
  • Know that I am praying for my Ignite network members fervently, that you would cultivate an ever-sharper prophetic spirit, that God would open doors of utterance for you at the right time, and more as the Holy Spirit leads.
  • Join Ignite conference calls for Q&A and discussion
  • Synergize with prophetic believers globally through my Facebook group
  • Receive newsletters with encouraging thoughts, prophetic words and more
  • Leverage member-only exclusive resources
  • Get special prayer bulletins and prophetic alerts
  • Opportunity to submit material for publication on
  • Discounts on Jennifer’s prophetic training materials
  • Preferred seating at Jennifer’s events where possible
  • And much more!


Are you ready to get ignited now? There are administrative costs, technology costs and various costs associated with running the network but you’ll discover the $299 annual fee (that accounts to less than $25 a month) you invest in your personal prophetic development is enriching—and is less than the cost of going to out to dinner just once. I’ve discovered people who are willing to invest time and resources in their own spiritual growth advanced more rapidly. Those who expect everything to handed to them don’t go too far too fast.

I wish there was a network like IGNITE when the Lord was raising me up. I had to learn much of what I share with my spiritual sons and daughters on my own—and it was harder and took longer than it needed to. I didn’t have a community of prophets and prophetic believers to connect with like this one. You do—and I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

Join the network now by filling the form below and get ignited!


If you have questions or want more information on formal alginment and commissioning, email my office.

NOTE: You can choose the annual membership or opt for monthly donations toward the network, whichever best suits your needs. Just toggle the box in the "PLAN" area to "one time" or "monthy."  Still have questions? Email us.

Committed to raising up a company of pure, fiery prophetic voices,

Jennifer LeClaire


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