Waging Prophetic Warfare

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All Christians have the authority to defeat the enemy-but many just don’t know how. Jennifer LeClaire goes beyond the basic teachings of spiritual warfare and incorporates prophetic intercession as the unknown key to successful prayers.

Waging Prophetic Warfare will help readers engage in powerful prayer and receive clear direction from the Holy Spirit to defeat persistent difficulties in life. You can find this book at www.jenniferleclaire.org.

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Read What Leaders in the Body of Christ Are Saying About This Book

“Jennifer LeClaire is a woman of great courage, making a mark in the field of journalism through her work with Charisma magazine and in the prayer movement through her personal ministry. For those who are more seasoned in these areas, Waging Prophetic Warfare will sharpen your understanding and provide you with effective materials to use for training others”

Cindy Jacobs,
Generals International

“A few decades ago a revolution concerning spiritual warfare, binding the strong man and loosing divine revelation for breakthroughs against the powers of darkness was germinating. The body of Christ began to be equipped with fresh new biblical understanding and those who applied the new understanding began seeing great breakthroughs.  Jennifer LeClaire has once again through her anointed pen and prophetic wisdom has given us another piece to that revolution. For those who are practitioners of prayer this book can build further dimensions of understanding and grace to carry forward the fullness of this revolution.  ”

Lou Engle, Revivalist,
Visionary and co-founder of TheCall

"In this season of heightened warfare, it’s time for the spiri- tual warfare camp and the prophetic ministry camp to merge. It’s time for believers to tap into prophetic insights in the face of enemy attacks. In Waging Prophetic Warfare, Jennifer LeClaire expertly marries prophecy and spiritual warfare in a way that inspires believers to take a fresh look at the battle- ground. As a battle-tested prophetic voice and a spiritual war- rior, Jennifer equips you to win battles against old enemies and new adversaries."

Ryan LeStrange
Ministries Cofounder, AwakeningTV.com
President, New Breed Revival Network

In Waging Prophetic Warfare, Jennifer LeClaire encourages and rallies the troops of prophetic intercessors who have been in the fights of the past seasons and grown weary or broken rank due to disappointment, setbacks, and outright wounds from battle. Jennifer gives insight into operating in intercession from a place of wisdom and authority. Waging Prophetic Warfare reminds us that, first and foremost, we must discern what the Lord is doing and release it through the many spiritual weapons the Lord has equipped us with for victory-from victory.

Dr. Ché Ahn Founding Pastor,
HRock Church, Pasadena, California
President, Harvest International Ministry International Chancellor,
Wagner Leadership Institute

Waging Prophetic Warfare is not just another book on the subject of spiritual warfare-and there have been many. I whole- heartedly agree with author Jennifer LeClaire's statement early on that the church has moved from "peacetime Christianity to wartime Christianity." The darkness is darker and the challenges more challenging. Believers globally are being belittled, berated, beaten, and even beheaded for the cause of Christ. It's no longer business as usual. You simply need this book. War- fare at a prophetic level is warring from the very throne room of the Lord, as the Lord Himself wars through the lips of His praying people. To equip believers for this level of intercession, LeClaire sets forth powerful and practical insights for engaging in entirely new dimensions of spiritual warfare on a prophetic level.

Dick Eastman International President,
Every Home for Christ

Click here to order this book on Amazon.com.